Avventura San Boldo Noir Performance Sunglasses for running and cycling


Advanced Vision Performance Lens Technology

Developed for runners and cyclists, Avventura Advanced Vision performance lenses increase contrast and detail, providing superior visual clarity, aiding the reading of changes in terrain and hazards in the path ahead.

Performance Lens Tints

Avventura Bomerano Noir - Yellow Performance Lenses - Sunglasses for running and cycling

Low Light

Yellow Lens: The yellow tint creates high contrast in low light to enhance vision. Ideal for mid-season, overcast conditions, under trees, or at dawn and sunset.

Avventura Galibier Vintage Havana - Green Performance Lenses - Sunglasses for running and cycling

Bright Conditions

Green Lens: Relaxes the eye, improves hazard perception and accentuates contrast in bright conditions.

Avventura Bomerano Rose - Brown Performance Lenses - Sunglasses for running and cycling

Variable Conditions

Brown lens: Enhances visibility in bright light and variable environments. Improves contrast and brings out detail, making it easier to perceive relief and hazards ahead.

Avventura Stelvio Vintage Havana - Performance Lenses - Sunglasses for running and cycling

Advanced Vision Lens Technology

GLARE REDUCTION: Removes dazzling glare while leaving hazards such as black ice, water and oil, visible.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE: An AR coating on the rear of the lens reduces reflections and glare from behind.

LCD OPTIMISATION: Allows for easy reading of phones and devices in bright sunlight.

WATER REPELLENT: A hydrophobic coating keeps the lens clear of sweat and rain.

SMUDGE RESISTANT: An oleophobic coating helps to avoid finger prints and dust obstructing the view.